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Store Policies

Your Statutory rights are not affected by any of the following store policies.

Ordering Online with us is safe and secure!

We employ a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online system is 100% secure.

We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to conduct commerce on our site. If you wish, you may also send us a Postal Order or a Personal Cheque, UK customers only, Please make Payable to World of Flags.

Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for shipping of your merchandise if paid by personal check. To order by Cheque, select payment method 'Purchase by mailing a Cheque' in the Checkout and you will receive confirmation of whom to make cheque payable to and where to send via email

Return / Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact us, to inform us of any problem. You can return it to us within 7 days in its original condition and packaging, we will refund the product price, (We deduct our P&P costs and the 50p Credit/Debit Card Refund Charge).

Delivery Information

Delivery charges for Airmail are calculated in the Checkout.


Goods are charged at price shown on the product pages on the date the customer places the order. Prices are correct at time of publication. Orders will be processed at our published prices, otherwise, in the case of any unexpected change in price, you will be informed and asked if you wish to reconsider your order before proceeding.


If we should receive a complaint about any part of our service, by phone, e-mail or letter,then it will be dealt with promptly (we will reply within 5 working days). It will then be dealt with confidentially, and effectively.

German Military

World of Flags has no sympathies with any Nazi, Fascist or other Neo-political, Military parties, past or present.

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